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Glo910+ is an advanced aesthetic treatment with multiple applications:

  • Beauty: cellulite, firmness, body shaping.

  • Wellbeing: gentle relaxing massage, pressotherapy, reflexotherapy, relaxation.

  • Muscular: relax tight muscles, warm up muscles before sports training, treatment of muscle pain (e.g., back pain).



  • Large active treatment surface (10cm diameter).

  • 100% natural method to stop the cellulite process without aggressive surgery or chemical treatments.

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable, safe use at home.

  • Powerful motor (650 rpm) for effective treatment.

  • Slim Tech® technology: 16 red LEDs and 16 infrared elements with different levels of skin penetration (640-910 nm).

  • Independent Slim Tech® activation.

  • Adjustable massage intensity with luminous indicator.

  • Complete treatment: Includes 4 massage heads.

  • Easy massage head attachment system.

  • 25W, universal voltage (100-230V AC) 50-60 Hz.

  • Weight 650g

  • Designed in Europe.



  • Glo910+massage appliance.

  • 4 massage heads.

  • Deluxe storage toiletry bag

  • Instruction manual and safety notices.

Glo910+ has 4 interchangeable massage heads for performing different treatments:


CELLU-ACTIVE: Release of fatty deposits, smoothes away cellulite. ANTI-PADDED NODULAR EFFECT, ANTI-ROUNDNESS


CELLU-DETOX Actively stimulates draining and smoothes away soft cellulite. It can be used in conjunction with creams to enhance their effectiveness. ANTI-TOXIN, ANTI-SWOLLEN LEG TREATMENT


BODY-BRUSH EXFOLIATOR: Stimulates blood circulation, tones, exfoliates, smoothes and revitalizes skin. The ultimate device in achieving glowing and healthy looking skin!​

LIFTING-CLEAN: Enhance the beauty of your skin with this face and body anti-aging skin lift treatment. Its gentle exfoliation increases skin depth by stimulating production of collagen and elastin for the skin. ANTI-FLABBINESS


glo910+ Anti-Cellulite Massager

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