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Glo910+ is the first beauty device with SLIM tech® technology, an innovative combination of mechanical massage with light energy (phototherapy) that fights cellulite and restores skin elasticity with lasting professional results. It is an effective 100% natural, painless, non-invasive treatment.


As it is scientifically proven by NASA studies, infrared light therapy accelerates the skin renewal by 200%. Applied to the cellulite treatment, it can dissolve more effectively fat cells and activates the creation of collagen. Glo910 plus is equipped with 16 infrared and 16 red LEDs that penetrate different levels of the skin, enhancing the effect of lipo-massage.


The Glo910 Series has been designed to be an effective therapy in slowing down the cellulite process. It restores proper venous while lymphatic circulation while eliminating fat nodules that form the orange peel effect. The powerful motor of the Glo Series produces a strong yet painless rotation and vibration action, which makes the treatment a pleasant and effective experience.

Without aggressive surgery or chemicals treatments.

Massage Rollers

Glo910 comes with the most versatile and effective treatment head within the Glo910 Beauty Treatment Series.

Acquiring the massage heads sold separately, allows you to customize and complete a personalized treatment set.

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