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Kahraman Amber delivers a relaxing and destressing bioenergetic treatment. The contact between the Natural Baltic Amber and skin releases negative ions which has numerous beneficial effects for the body. The massage also improves lymphatic circulation and relieves physical and emotional stress for total relaxation.

What is Natural Baltic Amber?


Amber is an organic substance, a fossilized resin from ancient Baltic forests. 
Guarded in the ground by nature itself, this is a precious time capsule…


… a true gift of nature.


Used for many centuries, for its healing properties, Amber is known for its purifying action on both the soul and the body, protecting from negative energies and from everyday stress. The most important amber prolific areas are situated in the Baltic countries and in North America. The Baltic Amber is the most ancient and precious gift of nature.

Kahraman Product Line


The Kahraman product line was inspired by the healing powers of Natural Baltic Amber. It caters to a multitude of spa treatments that combine the natural antioxidant properties of real Baltic Amber with nourishment from precious Argan Oil.


- a powerful antioxidant which helps to combat free radicals
- aids to boost the body's own immune system
- balances the mind-body-spirit
- alleviates stress and anxiety
- boosts awareness, concentration and reflexes
- restores the energy balance at the cellular level
- improves blood and lymphatic circulation

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